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Wednesday, July 07, 2021


At the beginning of July a heavy transport job took place through Velsen-Noord. From our terminal in Velsen, 24 large reels with sea cables for Tennet were transported to a work site at Tata Steel. This involved a total weight of 583 tons.

Initially the plan was to route the transports through the village centers of Velsen-Noord and Wijk aan Zee, but Tennet felt that people should be spared the inconvenience. According to Tennet, the transport now runs via the industrial roads Concordiastraat, Noordersluisweg, Staalhavenweg, Staalstraat, through the main entrance of Tata Steel on Breedbandweg to the contractor NRG’s site. Each reel contains around a kilometer of cable length, weighing some 23 to 27 tons each.


The blockade in the Suez Canal – earlier this year – did cause some delay for the reels. A few weeks earlier the cargo, weighing 583 tons, had been shipped from the port of Busan in South Korea to the Netherlands. The sea cables are used for the offshore wind farms. A total of four will come ashore near Heemskerk: two for wind farm Hollandse Kust (north) and two for Hollandse Kust (west Alpha). The cables bring the generated wind energy ashore. The energy is further imported into the country via the transformer station in Wijk aan Zee and the high-voltage station close to the Bazaar (A9).

* This article appeared on the website of NH News
** The image in this article is for illustration purposes and are not the final reels