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In the west of Friesland, just above the Afsluitdijk, is the HOV Harlingen seaport terminal. This terminal is the gateway to the Northern Netherlands and the only terminal in the Northern region that can also handle coasters (small seagoing vessels). The terminal has a quay of 250 meters and a draught of 7.5 meters below sea level, which means that seaworthy ships can be received there. In addition, HOV Harlingen offers 7,000 m2 of storage, a large part of which is set up for food grade such as milk products, potatoes and onions.

Inland waterway corridor component

TMA Intermodal maintains a direct inland shipping service from Harlingen with Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp. Thus all deepsea container terminals in the seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp can be reached several times a week. HOV Harlingen holds depot for various deepsea shipping companies. Shippers and forwarders can therefore quickly dispose of export containers and save on logistics costs.

In recent years we have worked to develop a rock-solid intermodal proposition. With the barge connection between Harlingen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp, TMA now offers a more sustainable and reliable alternative to road transport. The current intermodal activities prevent more than 23,000 truck movements on an annual basis between the seaports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam en Antwerp.


• Covered storage of goods;
• Good quay facilities for receiving ocean-going vessels;
• Excellent facilities for storage and transhipment of salt, paper and agri-products;
• Fixed inland shipping connections to the container terminals in Rotterdam and Antwerp;
• Customs formalities such as customs clearance.


HOV Harlingen
Nieuwe Vissershaven 3
8861 NX Harlingen
+31 (0)517 41 74 56

For current opening hours please contact the above telephone number.


16 HA

>260 M

7,5 M

>8.000 M²