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We care about cargo 

When it comes to logistics, we never say no. We have a solution for almost every question, and if not, we’ll work together to find the right solution. With our know-how and drive to get every job done, you don’t have to worry about your cargo. We do that for you. We care about cargo.


Full-service solutions

TMA Logistics offers full-service solutions for land, sea and air transport, stevedoring, cargo handling, project cargo, warehousing, customs clearance, value added services and much more. 24/7 and worldwide. Most services are delivered through the combined efforts of our operating companies: Thor Shipping & Transport (TST), MEO and ACS logistics. It’s the combined strength of these companies that counts, because by working together, anything is possible and we never have to say no. So if the answer is “Yes” you want to hear, feel free to contact us.